Imagine being able to combine materials that are not combinable? Without the use of artificial adhesives? Without welding?

We asked ourselves the same questions.
And came up with an answer:


That’s how ATECARMA® came about. Because we were not content with what we already knew. And because what the market had to offer was not enough – for us or for you.

Do you build houses, make bicycle helmets, child’s car seats or accessories for vehicles, develop floorings and intelligent surfaces? Have you got ideas for completely new products and connections? If you want to produce at a fraction of your previous energy costs, If you want to reduce the number of manufacturing steps to a single one; if you want to connect materials in-house, without welding or gluing, without screws or rivets; then we are the partner you are looking for.

With us you can push existing boundaries in production with an innovative technology that works with pressure and heat and can for example directly incorporate features such as electronic components; one that opens up new possibilities for product development; one that is also flexible, and ideal for small batches and prototypes.

We create new materials. We capture the market with hybrid components. Because we can connect.


Imagine being able to replace several manufacturing steps with just one?
We already have!

Think about your products: are there untapped potentials in terms of production steps, energy use as well as CO₂ footprint?

The good news: WITH ATECARMA® you can save steps as well as significantly improve energy use and CO₂ footprint.

Unbelievable, but true. That means much faster production with considerable energy savings. What’s more, it can be applied to all your future product innovations. With materials that could not previously be connected.

Because there are pioneers in every industry –
in timber construction, the automotive sector, the sporting goods industry …

A new technology for creating lightweight, multifunctional products.


Imagine being able to make new products with left-over material, such as wood chips or cork granules? Without having to waste valuable resources?
We want that, too.

With ATECARMA®, we can now produce hybrid components in one single  or in a few manufacturing step. That saves a significant amount of time. It also saves a considerable amount of resources and energy. And it saves transporting materials over long distances. Many companies still have production facilities carried out far from the place of use. There’s no need for that if you have the right machines on your premises.

ATECARMA® brings production processes closer to home – allowing you to keep an eye on them and on your manufacturing costs, which are comparable thanks to our innovative technology. And you can increase the share of recycled material in your products. Another advantage is that your manufacturing process causes far less CO₂ and contributes much less to Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Current Projects

The connection.

ATECARMA® connects pioneers and innovations. Whether you want to connect wood with metal, corn granules with carbon, corn granules with veneer, corn granules with cabling, fiberglass with cork, sawdust with veneer, tile flooring with electronics, particle foam with metal or  galvanized steel, particle foam with organic sheets, particle foam with carbon fiber, rubber sheet leather or fabric, particle foam  with wood. All that is now possible!

The principle

ATECARMA® Activator + pressure + heat

For more intelligent products. Because that is what you are developing and want to bring to market.