What is ATECARMA®?

A bonding technology that allows you to pre-treat your chosen materials and granules for a reliable bond using our patented ATECARMA® activator. The bonding itself is done by a tempering step. The molds we use for processing can be simpler with much thinner walls than you maybe are accustomed to. At the same time, you can save on energy – and the energy used is exclusively from primary sources.

No need for special equipment!

Our technology is product driven. We assume you will be able to use your available machines. If you are unsure whether your existing equipment is suitable, we are happy to advise you – ideally on your premises.

And yes, we know that PU, for example, can only be recycled with great effort. To make sure that you don’t have to replace all your machinery to avoid using non-recycable materials in future, we will look for alternative materials together. That means you can use ATECARMA® technology without any major investments.

How ATECARMA® technology benefits you:


User-friendly production in one manufacturing step (e.g., flooring or walls with various additional layers (EPP, OSB, insulation, foil, etc.)).


Automated production process.


Extremely flexible, making it suitable for small batches and prototypes.


You can make products that were previously unfeasible.


Intelligent products are possible.


Lightweight construction also in visible areas (e.g., EPP + coatable primer surface).


Multi-materials can be processed that were previously not combinable (e.g., EPP + EPS, sawdust + veneer).


You can make products that were previously too expensive to produce.


You can use eco-friendly materials (e.g., corn granules).

The principle explained

Using the example of a particle foam sandwich component

1. Apply

Dilute ATECARMA® activator heavily with water and apply to one surface of the materials to be connected.

Let dry.

2. Heat up

Merge materials and heat under pressure.

3. Stabilize

Cool down material combination.

Base material is bonded to each other and, if necessary, to composite material.

4. Use

Material combination is ready to use.

It is irreversibly connected by chemical interactions.